Codec Dev© Start !

Yes ! Codec Dev© is now here !

Here is some projects of Codec Dev© ! :

  • Codec© – The coding website ! Dev is here !
  • Github – The open source code will be here
  • Members : haydenledean and EatMe from the Codec© Team

Hope you will like it ! I will try with Eat_Me12345 to add news here ! Bye !

pv29 interview part 1

haydenledean : Why do you join Scratch ?

pv29 : I joined scratch because I discovered it during my math and technology course (I had already used the current editor), I said to myself “well, why not improve myself by sharing what I do ?” and so I created my account and the adventure started!

haydenledean : Why do you Scratch ?

pv29 : Oh, complicated question! I scratch because I want to improve in the functioning of a computer code, better know how to debug, and understand a code from start to finish